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Beijing Normal University is a key university directly under the Ministry of Education. It is a famous university with the main characteristics of teacher education, education science and liberal arts.

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History of Beijing Normal University

Formerly known as the Jingshi University Hall Teacher's Hall founded in 1902.

In 1904, it was renamed the excellent grade teacher.

In 1908, he was an independent teacher of the Beijing Normal University.

In 1912, it was renamed Beijing Higher Normal School.

In July 1923, it was upgraded to the National Beijing Normal University.

In 1927, Beijing National University was integrated into the Beijing Normal University and renamed the Normal University of Beijing Normal University.

In 1928, the National Government implemented the university district system, and the Pingjin National University was integrated into the National Peking University, which was renamed the National Teachers College of Peking University.

In August 1929, it was re-independently set up, called the National Peiping Normal University.

In July 1931, the National Peking University Women's Normal College, which was established by the National Beijing Women's Normal University School, was merged into the National Peking Normal University.

In July 1937, when the all-out war broke out, teachers and students were forced to move westward and participated in the formation of the National Northwest Union University.

In August 1939, the National Northwest Union University was disintegrated and became the National Northwest Normal University. Some teachers and students participated in the construction of the National Northwest University. After the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, he returned to Beiping. Through the trial, the reception of the pseudo-Beijing Normal University was resumed. Some teachers and students are stationed in Lanzhou and continue to build Northwest Normal University.

In 1949, Peiping peacefully liberated and reused the original name of "Beijing Normal University."

In 1952, the colleges and universities of the country were adjusted, and the main body of Fu Jen University was merged into Beijing Normal University.

  • Jingshi University Hall main entrance

  • Beijing Normal University School Gate

  • National Beijing Normal University School Gate

  • National Beijing Women's Normal School

  • National Peking Normal University School Gate

  • The name of the school on the shadow wall of the National Northwest Union University

  • The Central People's Government takes over Fu Jen Catholic University

  • Groundbreaking Ceremony of the New School Building of Beijing Normal University

  • Old main building of Beijing Normal University