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Beijing Normal University is a key university directly under the Ministry of Education. It is a famous university with the main characteristics of teacher education, education science and liberal arts.

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Successive leadership

Successive secretary

Party branch secretary In the early 1949, the party organization of the Beijing Normal University was open to the public. In 1949, the party branch was established.

Party Committee Secretary In October 1954, the Beijing Normal University Committee was established.

In May 1973, the leader of the party's leading group was approved by the Beijing Municipal Committee to establish a leading group of the Party of Beijing Normal University.

Past president

name Name Job title Working time
Jingshi University Hall Teacher's Hall Zhang Baixi Minister of Management 1902.12—1904.01
Jingshi University College Excellent Teacher's Division Zhang Hengjia General supervision 1904. 02—1906. 02
Li Jiayu General supervision 1906. 03—1907. 07
Zhu Yizhen General supervision 1907. 07—1907.12
Liu Tingwei General supervision 1908.01—1908. 06
Jingshi excellent grade teacher school Chen Wenxian Supervision 1908. 06—1912. 05
Beijing Normal Normal School Chen Baoquan principal 1912. 05—1919.11
Chen Yingqi Acting principal 1919.11—1920.11
Deng Cuiying principal 1920.12—1921.10
Li Jianxun principal 1921.10—1922.11
Board of Directors acting as principal 1922.12—1923. 07
National Beijing Normal University Fan Yuanlian principal 1923. 11—1924. 09
Chen Yuguang Acting principal 1924.09—1925. 09
Zhang Yuhui principal 1925.10—1927. 08
Jingshi University School of Teachers Zhang Yuhui Senior 1927. 08—1928.11
National Peking University First Normal College Li Jinxi Dean (not in office) 1928.11—1929. 01
Zhang Yuhui Dean 1929. 01—1929. 08
National Peking Normal University Council maintains school affairs 1929.09—1930. 02
Li Shizeng Principal (not in office) 1930. 02—1930. 12
Steamed Acting principal
Xu Bingzhen principal 1931.02—1932 .05
Steamed principal 1932.07—1937. 09
National Xi'an Temporary University Preparatory committee acting as principal 1937.11—1938.04
National Northwest Union University The Standing Committee is responsible for managing the school administration. 1938. 04—1938.07
National Northwest Union University Teachers College Steamed Dean 1938.07 —1939.08
National Northwest Normal University Steamed Dean 1939.08—1945. 08
Li Jinxi Academic Director and Acting Dean 1945. 08—1945.12
Li Jinxi Dean 1945.12—1947. 03
National Peking Normal University Huang now Dean 1946.07—1946. 08
Yuan Dunli Dean 1946.08—1948.10
National Peking Normal University Yuan Dunli principal 1948.10—1948.12
Tang Yuzhen Acting principal 1948.12—1949.05
Li Jinxi Chairman of the school council 1949.05— 1950.02
Beijing Normal University Lin Yuru principal 1950.02— 1952.09
Chen Yu principal 1952.10—1971.06
Wang Yukun principal 1984.05— 1989.05
Fang Fukang principal 1989.05—1995.05
Lushan Town principal 1995.05— 1999.07
Yuan Guiren principal 1999.07—2001.04
Zhong Binglin principal 2001.04— 2012.07
Dong Qi principal 2012.07—