Invitation for Tendering Announcement on System Energy-Saving Performance Testing of Phase I Project of G-18 District of Shahe New Campus of Beijing Normal University

The G District of Shahe Campus of our school is located in Manjingdong Village, Shahe Town, Changping District. The planning area is from east to Beishahe West Road, south to Beihuan North Road, west to Beishahe West 4th Road, and north to Gaojiaoyuan South 2nd Street. The total construction area of the first phase of the project is 126,682 square meters, which are: 3 sections of the teaching comprehensive building, etc., with a total construction area of 15,520 square meters; 8 of 1# teaching buildings, with a total construction area of 50,495 square meters; 1# teaching service building 6 sections, including B section, with a total construction area of 50,170 square meters; dining hall with a total construction area of 9,801 square meters; boiler room with a total construction area of 696 square meters.

3#学生宿舍等19项(昌平沙河高教园区北京师范大学新校区一期项目)系统节能性能检测 1. Project Name: 19# student dormitory and other 19 items (the first phase project of the new campus of Beijing Normal University in Changping Shahe Higher Education Park)

北京师范大学 2. Construction unit: Beijing Normal University

北京市昌平区 3. Project location: Changping District, Beijing

系统节能性能检测 4. Content of bidding: system energy-saving performance testing

报价单位须是中华人民共和国境内合法注册的企业,具有从事本项目的经营范围和能力。 5. Qualification requirements: The quotation unit must be a legally registered enterprise within the territory of the People's Republic of China, and has the business scope and capabilities to engage in the project. The quotation unit shall provide a copy of the test qualification certificate, a copy of the business license, etc. The above attachments are all stamped with the official seal.

2018年5月22日16:30 6. End of bid registration: May 22, 2018, 16:30

北京市师范大学新校区建设指挥部113室(联系人:王维,58804483) 7. Bidder registration location: Room 113, Construction Headquarters, New Campus, Beijing Normal University (Contact: Wang Wei, 58804843)

8, project description:

Building area: 126,682 square meters Building height: 29.85m

根据《民用建筑节能条例》、《建筑节能工程施工质量验收规范》等相关国家法律、法规、技术规范和标准要求及地方标准要求,根据甲方提供的项目资料,开展系统节能性能检测工作,并提供相应的成果报告书。 9. Work content: According to the "Regulations on Energy Efficiency of Civil Buildings", "Code for Acceptance of Construction Quality of Building Energy-Saving Projects" and other relevant national laws, regulations, technical specifications and standards, and local standards, system energy conservation shall be carried out according to the project information provided by Party A. Performance testing work, and provide a corresponding results report.

报价为含税包干价,包括检测及报告书编制等所有费用。 10. Quotation range: The quotation is the tax-included price, including all costs such as testing and report preparation.

11. Description of the quotation file:

(1) The quotation unit shall strictly prepare the quotation documents according to the actual situation, and the quotation documents shall be clearly written, complete in content, and shall not be altered;

(2) A4 paper printing must be firmly bound into a book. If the quotation documents are scattered during the review, the data will be missing, and the consequences will be borne by the quotation unit;

(3) Submit the sealed and stamped quotation documents, the company profile with the official seal, the copy of the business license, the copy of the qualification certificate, the list of quotations, etc.;

最低价中标 12, winning the bid: the lowest price bid

资格后审 13. Qualification review method: post-qualification review

14. On-site inspection:

(1) The contracting unit does not arrange on-site inspections.

(2) The quotation unit may inspect the site and its surrounding environment on its own, so that the quotation unit can self-identify or verify the information necessary for the preparation of the bidding documents and the signing of the contract.

(3) During the on-site inspection, the quotation unit bears its own expenses, liabilities and risks. In the event of personal injury, property, or other loss, the contracting unit shall not be responsible for the personal injury, death, property or other damages, and the quoting unit shall bear the responsibility.

New Campus Construction Command

May 18, 2018