Beijing Normal University 2019-2021 annual cargo and service procurement agency selection project shortlist announcement

Beijing Normal University's 2019-2021 annual review of the selection of cargo and service procurement agencies has been completed. The results are now publicized as follows:

1. Project Name: Beijing Normal University 2019-2021 Annual Selection of Goods and Service Purchasing Agency

2. Selection announcement date: April 25, 2019

3. Review date: May 9, 2019

4. Details of the selection results:

List of short-listed agencies: Beijing International Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd., Xinhua Tendering Co., Ltd., Guojin Tendering Co., Ltd., Zhongshenglong International Tendering (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Beijing Huacai Tendering Agency Co., Ltd., Beijing Zhongjiao International Tendering Agent Co., Ltd. the company.

Alternative agencies: China Township Enterprise Co., Ltd., Zhonghao Tendering Agent (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

5. List of selection committees: Li Wei, Yang Liu, Zhou Yongyi, He Jiangkun, Dai Jie

6. Announcement period: The announcement result of this selection result will be 3 working days from the date of publication. After the public notice has no objection, Beijing Normal University will notify the short-listed and alternative agencies in writing and sign the service agreement.

7. Contact: Teacher Teng Tel: 010-58802582


Beijing Normal University

May 29, 2019