Publicity and Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements of Beijing Normal University——A Method for Evaluation of Water Body Nutrition Status

According to the "Law of the People's Republic of China on the Promotion of Scientific and Technological Achievements Transformation" and other national laws and regulations and the relevant regulations of our school, it is proposed to transform the scientific and technological achievements "a method for evaluating the nutritional status of water bodies". The relevant information is now publicized as follows:

I. Basic information on scientific and technological achievements

(I) Name of the result: a method for evaluating the nutritional status of water bodies (ZL200810116390.3)

(II) Type of results: invention patent

(3) Patentee: Beijing Normal University

(4) Main Completions: Liu Jingling, Xu Jie

(V) Summary of results: The present invention provides a method for evaluating the nutritional status of a water body, comprising the following steps: 1. collecting a sample of water to be monitored; 2. measuring the concentration of algae chlorophyll a, b and c in the water sample collected in step 1; Calculate the ratio b/a of algae chlorophyll a to b and the ratio of algae chlorophyll a to c measured in step 2 c/a; 4. According to the characteristics of corresponding chlorophyll in conventional algae and the composition of algae in water under different nutrient conditions Regularity, evaluation of the degree of ecological restoration of water bodies. The evaluation method of the present invention can be widely applied to various water bodies, and has the advantages of being accurate, simple, and capable of quantitatively evaluating the nutritional state of the water body as compared with the prior art.

Second, the way the results are transformed

Agreement transfer

Third, the transfer price

After evaluation by the evaluation agency, the patent evaluation value is 50,000 yuan, and the proposed transfer price is 50,000 yuan.

Fourth, the transferee

Beijing Kezhuo Testing Technology Co., Ltd.

The publicity period is 15 days, from November 7th, 2018 to November 21st, 2018. If you have any objections, please submit them to the research institute during the public notice period.

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Beijing Normal University Research Institute

November 7, 2018