Beijing Normal University's scientific and technological achievements transformation publicity - children's attentional neurofeedback training system

According to the "Law of the People's Republic of China to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements" and other national laws and regulations and the relevant provisions of our school, it is proposed to transform the scientific and technological achievements "Children's Attention Neurofeedback Training System V1.0.0", and the relevant information is now publicized as follows:

I. Basic information on scientific and technological achievements

儿童注意力神经反馈训练系统V1.0.0(登记号:2015SR069213) 1) Name of the result: Children's Attention Neurofeedback Training System V1.0.0 (Registration No.: 2015SR069213)

软件著作权 2) Type of results: software copyright

北京师范大学 3) Patentee: Beijing Normal University

李小俚、关龙舟、陈文清、闫佳庆 4) Main Completions: Li Xiaowei, Guan Longzhou, Chen Wenqing, Yan Jiaqing

该软件使用蓝牙与脑电放大器、机器小车进行数据传输。 5) Summary of results: The software uses Bluetooth to communicate with brain power amplifiers and machine carts. The EEG waveform is displayed in real time, and the attention index is calculated based on the brain wave. Control the speed of the machine trolley through attention indicators. It is mainly used for children to make neurofeedback adjustment through attention indicators.

Second, the way the results are transformed

Agreement transfer

Third, the transfer price

After evaluation by the evaluation agency, the software is valued at 300,000 yuan and the proposed transfer price is 300,000 yuan.

Fourth, the transferee

Shenzhen Zhongyou Xingrui Technology Co., Ltd.

The publicity period is 15 days, from December 3, 2018 to December 17, 2018. If you have any objections, please submit them to the research institute during the public notice period.

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Beijing Normal University Research Institute

December 3, 2018