Invitation for Tendering Announcement on Traffic Design for the Opening of the G-18 District Campus of Shahe New Campus of Beijing Normal University

The G District of Shahe Campus of our school is located in Manjing East Team Village, Shahe Town, Changping District. The planning area is from east to Beishahe West 3rd Road, south to Gaojiaoyuan South 3rd Street, west to Beishahe West 4th Road, and north to Gaojiaoyuan South 2nd Street. . According to the approval requirements for campus crossings, it is necessary to design the traffic of the crossing for the campus, and design the corresponding design drawings for the crossing traffic according to the traffic road specifications.

Now our school needs to carry out the traffic design work at the gate of the three schools in the G-18 district of Shahe New Campus.

北京师范大学沙河校区G-18区 校园开辟道口交通设计 1. Name of the tender: Traffic design for the opening of the G-18 district campus of Shahe Campus, Beijing Normal University

按照《中华人民共和国道路交通安全法实施条例》、《城市道路交通规划设计规范》等规范和交通行业的规范要求要求 ,以及甲方提供的项目资料,开展校门道口交通设计工作,并出具相应的设计成果及设计蓝图(设计成果及蓝图应符合交通管理部门及市政管委等审批部门对开辟道口的设计要求)。 2. Work content: According to the "Regulations on the Implementation of the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People's Republic of China", the "Code for Design of Urban Road Traffic Planning" and the requirements of the regulatory requirements of the transportation industry , and the project materials provided by Party A, carry out the traffic design work at the school gate crossing And issue the corresponding design results and design blueprints (design results and blueprints should meet the design requirements of the traffic management department and the municipal management committee and other approval departments for the opening of the crossing).

报价为含税包干价,包括设计、图纸打印等所有费用。 3, the scope of the quotation: the quotation is the price of the tax-included package, including all costs such as design, drawing and printing. This quotation should follow the relevant standards of the national and Beijing municipalities for road traffic design charges.

报价单位须是中华人民共和国境内合法注册的企业,且应拥有市政行业(道路工程、公共交通等)的等级证书,或者拥有道路行业(交通工程)的等级证书。 4. Qualification requirements: The quotation unit must be a legally registered enterprise within the territory of the People's Republic of China, and should have a grade certificate for the municipal industry (road engineering, public transportation, etc.) or a grade certificate for the road industry (traffic engineering). The quotation unit shall provide a copy of the design qualification certificate, a copy of the business license, etc. The above attachments are all stamped with the official seal.

2018年7月9日至2018年7月16日 5. Announcement time: July 9, 2018 to July 16, 2018

低价中标 6, winning the bid: low price winning bid

资格后审 7. Qualification review method: post-qualification review

8. Request for quotation documents:

(1) The quotation unit shall strictly prepare the quotation documents according to the actual situation, and the quotation documents shall be clearly written, complete in content, and shall not be altered;

(2) One positive and one pair, A4 paper printing must be firmly bound into a book. If the quotation documents are scattered during the review, the data will be missing, and the consequences will be borne by the quotation unit;

(3) Submit the sealed and stamped quotation documents (including detailed fee basis), the company profile with official seal, the copy of the business license, the copy of the qualification certificate, the quotation list, etc.; The name and address of the project name and quotation unit.

2018年7月17日9点至17点 到北京师范大学本部新校区建设指挥部108室。 (4) Please meet the qualification requirements of the company on July 17, 2018 from 9:00 to 17:00 to the Beijing Normal University Headquarters New Campus Construction Command Room 108. (Contact: Wu Di, 58808885)

9. On-site inspection:

(1) The contracting unit does not arrange on-site inspections.

(2) The quotation unit may inspect the site and its surrounding environment on its own, so that the quotation unit can self-identify or verify the information necessary for the preparation of the bidding documents and the signing of the contract.

(3) During the on-site inspection, the quotation unit bears its own expenses, liabilities and risks. In the event of personal injury, property, or other loss, the contracting unit shall not be responsible for the personal injury, death, property or other damages, and the quoting unit shall bear the responsibility.

New Campus Construction Command

July 9, 2018