Scientific research

The Beijing Normal University has earnestly sought truth, is not vain, is simple and diligent, is determined to innovate, and adheres to the academic tradition of “honesty and diligence” and has achieved a magnificent academic atmosphere for more than 100 years.

National research platform

It includes 4 national key laboratories, 1 national engineering laboratory, 1 national-level collaborative innovation center, and 1 national high-level think tank cultivation unit.

Ministry of Education Research Platform

It includes 9 key laboratories of the Ministry of Education, 5 engineering research centers of the Ministry of Education, 7 key research bases for humanities and social sciences of the Ministry of Education, 4 national and regional research bases of the Ministry of Education, and 1 educational legislation research base of the Ministry of Education.

Beijing Research Platform

Including 12 key laboratories in Beijing, 4 Beijing Engineering Center, 2 Beijing Philosophy and Social Science Research Base, 1 Research Base of Beijing Language and Literature Working Committee, 1 Chinese Literature and Art Literary Review Base, Beijing Education Law Research Base One, one high-tech innovation center in Beijing, and one new think tank in Beijing.

Other provincial and ministerial level research platforms