• Beijing Normal University held the "Education of the Heart, Keep in Mind Mission" theme education mobilization meeting

  • Beijing Normal University Party Committee Theory Learning Center Group Study and Implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping's Party Construction in the Central and State Organs

  • The People's Forum published a series of researches on the special evaluation and inspection project for the construction of the State Council's Poverty Alleviation Office under the auspices of Professor Zhang Wenguang of Beijing Normal University.

  • Beijing Normal University participates in the Times Higher Education World University Ranking for the first time

  • Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of New China, the Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Paintings and Calligraphy Works at the Opening of Beijing Normal University

    On the morning of September 11th, “Strengthening Cultural Confidence and Celebrating the 70th Birthday – Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of New China, the Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Paintings and Calligraphy Works” was opened in the Beijing Normal University. The exhibition was hosted by the Beijing Normal University Qigong Academy and invited 58 painting and calligraphy names from across the country...

  • Three years of aid to Tibet Road, a snowy situation - Beijing Normal University Experimental Primary School completed the "group-based" education talents directly affiliated to the Ministry of Education directly under the Ministry of Education...

    In June 2019, the three teachers of Beijing Normal University Experimental Primary School Hu Binbin, Pu Chunyan and Niu Guanghua were awarded the eighth batch of outstanding aid cadres by the Lhasa Municipal People's Government. The Ministry of Education of Beijing Normal University Experimental School is directly affiliated to the affiliated primary and secondary schools. "Educational talents to help Tibet work...

  • Beijing Normal University ranks third in the comprehensive influence of the “One Belt, One Road” special think tank

    The "One Belt, One Road" special think tank comprehensive influence line (2019) was announced at the conference on the 6th anniversary of the "Belt and Road" construction. The Beijing Normal University Belt and Road College ranks third in the comprehensive influence of the “Belt and Road” special think tank.

  • Constructing a Long-term Mechanism and Building a Party-Building Brand——The Party Committee of Beijing Normal University Library Continues to Carry out the Construction of "Party Demonstration Posts"

    On the afternoon of September 6, the library held a general meeting of librarians in the third floor lecture hall. At the meeting, the library party committee summarized and commended the "Party Demonstration Post" work in the 2018-2019 school year, and officially launched the "Party Model Demonstration Post" activity in the 2019-2020 school year.

    • [Opinion] Zhang Qi: How to steadily promote poverty alleviation and effective integration of rural revitalization

      Zhang Qi, a professor at the Institute of Economics and Resource Management of Beijing Normal University and dean of the China Institute of Poverty Alleviation at Beijing Normal University, believes that the current and future period is a special period for China's poverty alleviation and rural revitalization strategy to meet, and we must accelerate the formation of poverty alleviation and rural...
    • [Pre-announcement] 09.19 Lecture: Do not forget the initial heart and remember the mission - "Red Agent" Liu Guangdian...

      Time: September 19, 2019 (Thursday) 14:30-17:00
      Venue: Lecture Hall, 2nd Floor, Yingdong Academic Hall Theme: Don't forget the original heart and remember the mission - "Red Agent" Liu Guangdian Martyrs Heroes Deeds Special Report
    • [Pre-announcement] 09.21 "The Value of Capital Culture" Academic Forum

      Time: September 21, 2019 (Saturday) 08:30
      Venue: The second lecture hall of Yingdong Academic Hall Theme: “The Value of Capital Culture” Academic Forum
    • [Notice] The first round of the second session of the Teaching Materials Research Institute of Beijing Normal University

      Time: November 2nd to 4th, 2019 Venue: Beijing Normal University (Changping Campus)
      Theme: The Educational Concept and Teaching Practice of the Textbook "Three Sections"
    • [Notice] Notice of the "First Financial Geography Research Network Global Conference"

      Time: September 15-18, 2019 Venue: Jingshi Academy, Beijing Normal University Topic: Global Financial Transfer? The constantly changing financial world from a geographical perspective
    • [Forum] "Focus on Display Materials Industry Innovation and Development" Forum Held

      On the morning of August 16, 2019, the Yantai Jingshi Materials Genomics Engineering Research Institute of Beijing Normal University held the first academic committee and material genome innovation seminar in Yantai Development Zone, from Beijing Normal University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, Peking University.. .
    • [Notice] The 4th "Mingyuan Education Award" selection results publicity

      After the expert communication review, expert meeting review and council deliberation, the 4th “Mingyuan Education Award” selected 10 educational practitioners, 5 educational research results and 2 overseas Chinese Education Research Outstanding Contribution Award winners. .
    • [Notice] SEED Pre-Notification for the First International Conference on Early Childhood Development and Education

      Beijing Normal University's Institute of Preschool Education (Department) and Beijing Normal University Publishing Group are scheduled to hold SEED (Study of Early Education and...) from November 23 to 26, 2019 in Beijing.

    2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, and is also the fifth anniversary of the important speech of General Manager Xi Jinping. @北京师范大学联合@微博校园@科大讯飞智慧教育开始# Future Teacher Three Words and One Contest #, Linking the National Teachers College to participate together, with Teacher's Day and National Day as the key nodes, with "three words and one word" "The basic skills of the teacher's basic skills (chalk, pen, brush, mandarin) online challenge is the main form, expressing the heart of the teacher's college, showing the youthful style of the students of the high school, and offering the 70th anniversary of the new China. what are you waiting for? Come and join!

    Teacher's Day is an important festival for the national respect for teachers, for the whole society to care for teachers, and for all students to be grateful for teachers. Beijing Normal University has an important contribution to Teacher's Day. Of course, Teacher's Day also has special significance for Beijing Normal University. Today, let us walk in together, the 12 stories that Beijing Normal University and Teacher's Day have to say...